Replacing Rene Rancourt


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, longtime anthem singer, Rene Rancourt is retiring at the end of the 2017-2018 Bruins playoff run. Rancourt has performed the National Anthem at Bruins games for over 40 years, since the 1975-1976 season. I personally am not crazy about him, but there’s no denying he’s done his job night after night and been a part of some very touching memories. Having said that, I am here with some replacements that I hope the Bruins consider:

Brian Landry:

Fran Rogers:

Brooke Leifer:

What do you think? Should one of these people be the next resident Bruins National Anthem singer? Or is it too soon to jump back into even having someone permanently? Should they switch it up every game like the other Boston teams do?

Also, send your suggestions of who else should be considered!

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Columbia Point and Dorchester Reimagined

BNN News


By Chris Lovett

A new constellation of political figures came together March 30 at Dorchester’s Columbia Point, invoking the mechanics of government and the alchemy of place, as they dedicated the Edward M. Kennedy Institute of the US Senate.

Like the adjacent John F. Kennedy Library, the institute was built on land between Morrissey Boulevard and Dorchester Bay. Used by 17th century settlers as a calf pasture, the peninsula was a water-logged buffer zone, set apart from the bulk of the town’s population centers. By the mid-20th century, the peninsula would be used for a dump, a sewage control facility, and a place for lodging prisoners of war.

colpt005602 Columbia Point public housing in 1986.

After World War II, Columbia Point was used to lodge something that, despite being prized as an asset, many preferred to keep at arm’s length: public housing. If the high-rise structures hinted at the potential of waterfront property, they…

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Merry Christmas


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When you get a little ticked off that someone didn’t like the gift you got them or you may have not been given an iPad.

Stop and think of the parents of Newtown and how all they may want is another day with their children.

Don’t let your day be defined by all things material….none of it really matters.

I hope you all get to enjoy the ones you love today.

Merry Christmas!
DotRat ~

The Shield…


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So one of the most painful moments in a American history has played itself out over the last few days. Today the families tried to grieve, as funeral processions began in Newtown. As if laying your child to rest for the very last time wasn’t enough. Arguably the most classless organization in this country is promising to show up. Westboro Baptist Church…..

These folks are almost the equivalent of Christian Al Qaeda in my book. An extremist group with a twisted interpretation of the Bible who exploit media gatherings to get their message out there. They may not kill people (yet) but the methods they employ are nothing short of torture, especially to those in such a vulnerable state like the families of fallen soldiers or a town who’s loss of 20 children made the world shutter. They are the perfect example for all that is flawed with the human race.

Luckily for us, we have people who stand against this type of extremist vision of the world. Tomorrow, a group of men and women will step forward much in the same fashion they did when their country asked them to stand up against Al Qaeda. The American Infidels MC and their supporters will be in Newtown doing their part to make sure not one family has to look at these excuses for human beings. I would urge anyone with the time and means to do exactly the same.

December 11th 1990…


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What can I say about today?  I actually started tearing up at the thought of it all, naturally this turned to anger. Not this time of year, these kids were too young. All these young parents putting the final touches on their holiday plans only to get a very impersonal call from a reverse 911 system that something terrible had happened. Then it hit me even harder….

22 years ago on December 11th 1990, I too experienced this type of violence.  He was a fellow Dot Rat and a few years older. A handsome kid that stood out because of his ways with the ladies, one of those people who’s smile could light up a room. That morning I remember hearing a scuffle in the hallway that seemed to drag on for a bit. Once we heard screaming the entire class ignored the teacher and dumped into the hallway. I remember some of the students coming back in with their hands covering their mouths in shock….a few with tears in their eyes. My curiosity got the best of me I guess….young and stupid. Kingsley Allen was stabbed to death outside my home roomThe image of him taking his last breath lying in a pool of blood has never left me. This was the only time in my life where I witnessed someone die. I wouldn’t say it haunts me but it is still very vivid. Kingsley was the first student to die within a Boston Public School due to violence in it’s 343 year history up to that point.

Here I am 22 years and 4 days removed from that horrible morning. There’s a weight on my chest and a sick feeling in my stomach as the images fly across the TV.  Watching our President wipe some tears away this afternoon seemed to convey the sentiments of the entire country. But what is next?

Are we about to get into another battle of 2nd Amendment rights? Are we seriously going to start this process again? It goes nowhere every single time something tragic like this takes place.  Does anyone know why? Because both sides have equally valid points. I think the people of Newtown deserve better than the status quo….they deserve results.

Let me ask you readers a simple question? What is the most valuable resource in this country? Any good person will tell you it’s children. I see invest in children license plates, politicians screaming up and down that our children are the future of the country….YADDA YADDA f*cking YADDA. As cliche as it may sound, I too believe in this rationale. For our Constitution to truly survive the next 100 years we should invest in our children.

But, if this is the case, then it begs my next question. Why do we as a country provide better protection to our material assets? We have armed guards at museums, inside banks and armored cars, we even have our military protecting our gold at Fort Knox.


Our Courts, Statehouse and City Hall have better protection than the Murphy Elementary School.

22 years ago, these were the questions the students were asking. This is what we felt strongest about. It’s why Kingsely’s mother sued the City of Boston. There’s so many things to discuss when a tragedy like this occurs. There’s so many ways to waste time and energy as well. You can beat up the NRA, counsel children till you’re blue in the face, create evacuation plans or buy metal detectors. It’s all been done before and we have wasted millions if not billions doing it.

You want results? Protect your kids like you protect your cash and politicians. Put a police officer in EVERY school across the country….make it federal law.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Newtown.