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So I’m a huge boxing/mma fan. It’s not really a macho thing….it’s the oldest form of competition on the planet. I think both boys and girls should equally learn at a young age to take care of themselves. Now I didn’t take this stance on till my teenage years…I learned the hard way…and got my ass handed to me quite a number of times till one day I changed. With boxing comes life lessons. THE most important is that no matter what, you don’t have to win every fight but you always have to show up….you never back down in any aspect of your life….because life WILL try to kick the sh*t out of you from time to time. It’s great for your confidence and it’s one of the best workouts around!

Now I understand some parents find it barbaric….nobody wants to see their kid get hurt. But there’s also piece of mind knowing your son or daughter can stick up for themselves. All kids should be properly supervised in any combat discipline. Peter Welch did some good work with the Southie youth program and moved on to work with some big names in the UFC. The folks down at the McKeon Post have been running the kids boxing program for 40 years. This is not an exclusively inner city thing. Feel free to contact these folks if you want to learn or get your kids involved.

Check out these little guys go at it …I believe that’s former Golden Gloves Champ and State Auditor Joe DeNucci.