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By the cover he’s the geeky dude who was on MTV and starred in a few movies around the turn of the millennium.His comedy was strange and shocking at times….but I always got a kick out of him.

What most don’t know about Tom Green is that he started out as an award winning rapper during the early 90’s in Canada. I had absolutely no idea until I watched this video a couple of years back.  Xzibit sits with Tom and much like me…..can’t believe what he witnesses. Tom is not groundbreaking by any means. You will not hear him recite his life story like Jay-Z does in his December 4th tune off the Black Album. But there is no doubt….Tom has flow. I was so surprised by it,,,,he had me laughing my ass off……

And if you have never heard Jay-Z do his December 4th song….think for a second that Jay typically never writes any of this down. He gets in a booth recites the lyrics once and it’s locked in. He goes through his life, insecurities, triumphs and setbacks within 4 minutes….and makes it sound smooth. He’s an incredible artist….