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Is this woman serious? Wifi pizza? Jamaica Park?

Listen…The New Kids have had a positive impact on the neighborhood without a doubt. You just gotta love some regular kids from Dot that turned themselves into multi millionaires. I remember the early 90’s when they where “IT”. Dorchester was literally descended upon by young women from around the country and the world looking to camp out at their houses for just a glimpse of one of the New Kids. Being a 16-year-old DotRat at the time was a wonderful thing… me.

If 30 to 40 something women are still going to make the pilgrimage here we need to be prepared to capitalize.  Number one…day care….the majority of these women have children they left with the hubbies. Why should they suffer? Number 2…duck boats….I would dress up in Girbauds and grow a rat tail fade. I did tours when I was 16…to get paid for…

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