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Now how am I supposed to take DreamRyde seriously? Purple? Really? Everyone knows the only guy that can pull that sh*t off is Prince. You got the lead singer in purple panty hose pulled up to her ribcage just waiving purple knuckle all over the room. Then you got this rapper dude rocking a purple dragon shirt dry humping the mic stand trying to be all aggressive and sh*t with his dream hands. Then for extra effect he throws in the occasional 2 handed dream crotch maneuver.

For a second I’m like…”are those people dancing?”. Yup, the guy and gal up front where just feeling the knuckle/crotch magic.

Now this is the type of band I would expect to see at Cathay Pacific while chasing a scorpion bowl high on a Tuesday night. I think if they just tighten up that stage presence and lose the purple gear they would be alright….there is skill there. Maybe the rapper just can’t let go of his past…