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So I’m a huge motorcycle guy….I sold my R1 a few years back but I have been eyeballing a new set of wheels ever since. I was never much of a wheelie or trick guy…. I didn’t like the idea of smashing up my bike to learn all the finer points. I was always a speed / cornering guy….and my risk was always very calculated. If it wasn’t safe…I wouldn’t do it. One of the things on my bucket list is to drive the Isle of Man¬†on a 200 MPH bike….it’s going to cost me some dough….but I will make it happen some day.

Aside from making your toes curl, you have to appreciate the trick riders. Check out these guys bombing around Boston last summer. There was a few occasions where I thought one of them would eat pavement….

Here’s my old beast sitting in front of Walsh Park….