This site is dedicated to the place I grew up in…. Dorchester Massachusetts

I believe the neighborhood has shaped my views of the world in a twisted but brutally honest way.

If your from here….you know what it means to drink beer in a pahk, hit the Ave, square off, hook a left, bang a U-eee suck down a frappe, smoke a thumb, woof down a spuckie, hit a packy, sport the shell toes, check out furs …..ect…ect.
You may have been the only white kid in a public school or the only black kid in a catholic school
You may have a bunch of debt, an abundance of common sense or even know someone with a drug or alcohol problem. You most definitely have the ability to spot bullshit a mile away. You love to have a good time but never take shit from anyone…. and probably would snap a persons neck if they where to harm a loved one. You never leave your friends side if he or she gets in a jam…your as loyal as they come.
You may be old enough remember bus battles of the 70’s, the Lonsdale Cessna Crash, or when gangs decided what sports teams you where a fan of.
You might have hung at Adams Corner, Walsh Park, Dot Park or Ventura. Maybe you hit the Jazz tourney at Toohig, snuck down to the Tot Lot for a beer, walked the tracks, bought fingers at dunks or even partied at Rainbow. Maybe you threw full cans of Bud at Danny Wood as he drove by Hemey, fought the good fight at Wainwright, had a stolen bike hidden on Beale Street, or played stickball with the boys from Mill Street. Some of you couldn’t beat long nights on Hecla, hanging at the Cliffs, shitfaced sled races at Ronan, or watching fights down at the Hub after a keg.
Maybe your from across the Ave….and had spots like the Norfolk Tap, Dublin House, The Strand, Bowdion Street, Ceylon Park, Intervale, Magnolia, Elm Hill, Vamp Hill, or Geneva Ave. Do you remember the Brown Jug? The five-corner squad? Maybe you chilled in the Hall. Nothing ever beats Reggae Joints during the fests on Talbot Ave and Franklin Field. Maybe you prefer Morton St or the Norfolk PJ’s. Either which way…you must remember the Kings, Raiders, IVP, A’s, NSP, RSO (Bruins), or the Giants. Back in the day…..before we carried heat. My father was a Cherokee and my buddy’s father was a Red Raider. The OLD school remembers that stuff.
Thirty percent of us work for a municipality (fire, police, dpw, politicians)…. Fifty-Five in the Trades and Unions. That leaves about 15 percent. I will be fair…….. 6% percent white collar and growing (outside yuppie bastards driving up real estate prices…. WHATS UP SOUTHIE!!!) 4% unemployed (usually lazy pricks or drug dealers) 3% permanent welfare (high paid sperm dumpsters) 2% temporary welfare (The folks who strive for a better life—god bless ya !!).
Maybe if you’re from Dorchester…you tend to be opinionated.
You might be a redneck !!!!
Either way…we all have a deep love for this little slice of heaven we affectionately call DOT…. c’mon now … it’s situated within the greatest country in the world!!
The United States of America

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden,
meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

President John F. Kennedy, Inaugural address January 20, 1961

Stan is at the ready…………….


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Billy linscott said:

    Fucken nuts I remember all that shit long nightson hecla lol I love it born and razed and will be a dot rat 4/life no madaware I be

  2. I wanted to email you this youtube video checking out the fields corner part of dorchester in the 90’s

    a good movie!

  3. Where’s the map at the top of all your pages from?

  4. urbanmapper said:

    Where’s the map on the top of all your pages from? Thanks!

  5. I think the map at the top of the page is cool, grew up on norton st. went to st.peter’s school, 10 brothers and sisters, just found this site, loved where i lived, great memories…… do i order a shirt…

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