That was worth the trip…


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Hey Houston….how did that work out for you? You all deserved the beating you got  solely for climbing all over Paul Revere like a bunch of Red Coats. I know that’s how Texans roll and you enjoy climbing over walls and sh*t but this is what happens when you disrespect a Patriot.

America‘s fattest city should not be acting like they personally won the Superbowl in the greatest sports city EVER!




Nothing Ordinary…


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I honestly can’t think of a better Hip Hop song on the radio right now. Every other song out there feels stale by comparison. Help support Bigg Dee and buy “Ordinary” on iTunes here: . His new album Fashionably Late is out next month. I’m hoping to have him and the Chef Boyz on Dot Rat radio before they take off on tour.


Boombalotty’s Random Thoughts…


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– I honestly can’t believe how much I miss the NHL, I’m a Bruins fan, but more importantly i’m a fan of the NHL. It’s upsetting to all sports fans when greed takes a hold of both sides. The NHL was down and out for a while. They lost their ESPN coverage, which is huge, they were surviving on  the vs. channel and occasionally an NBC game. a few years ago someone over at NHL headquarters had tremendous idea let’s play hockey outside on new years day. Wow! it was a real game changer, who could forget the Bruins playing the Philadelphia Flyers at Fenway. It was awesome to watch. This years game was supposed to be the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Toronto Mapleleafs outdoors at the Michigan football stadium, which holds 100,000 people. More importantly Hockey on new years day was beginning to be thought of as football on Thanksgiving. I certainly hope they resolve this dispute. Heck, make a call to Bob Kraft, that guy is the king deal maker.

-The Patriots are playing the Houston Texans tonight on Monday night football. All of the so called “experts” have been saying all season long that the Texans are the best team in football. This should be a great game, but please don’t believe the hype that this will determine anything about the playoffs. It’s just a regular season game. I still remember losing to the St. Louis Rams towards the end of the 2000 season, and we all know how that worked out in the super bowl. Or better yet, when we went 16-0 in the regular season. Unfortunately, we will never forget what happened then. So, just enjoy the game. Win or lose, it will be up to our defense on how far we go in the playoffs.

-The Celtics are moving in the right direction.They have a championship caliber team and we will get Avery Bradley back this week. Avery may not be a household name but trust me, he’s a big part of this team going forward. We all know about Pierce, Garnett and Rondo, but Jeff Green is playing great right now. Don’t forget he had heart surgery a year ago. Danny Ainge is becoming one of the best GM’s in all of sports. The true test for Danny will be when Pierce and Garnett retire, but i’m pretty confident the celts won’t have another 20 year drought.

-If you think it’s getting cold out there, try to remember it’s only 63 more days until spring training.

-A big Dot Rat congratulations goes out to Tom and Gisele on the birth of their daughter Vivian. The little bundle of joy is now, as Warren Buffett once said, part of the lucky sperm club.

– Lastly, when you’re out Christmas shopping spending ridiculous amounts of money on everything. Try to remember the less fortunate out there. Sadly to say, but their will be kids who wake up Christmas morning with out anything. So try to give a few bucks to a charity, or buy a toy and donate it to your local church. It’s the right thing to do. By all means enjoy your holiday’s everyone, spread your cheer, be happy but most of all call a cab or have a friend drive if you’ve been drinking.


Welcome Home Dot Rat!


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So we have Dot Rats all over this great country of ours. My pal and fellow Dot Rat Patrick Keefe sent some pictures my way recently from Florida. His son Staff Sgt. Tony Keefe, also a proud Dot Rat, came home for Thanksgiving after an 18 month deployment with the Air Force. So, Mr and Mrs. Keefe did what any 2nd Amendment loving Dot Rats would do for their son….they planned a day out.

That’s right baby! They showed up at Sun Life Stadium and represented like Patriots!!! I only wish I could have talked Pat into squeezing off a few rounds for every Pats touchdown like the End Zone Militia at Gillette Stadium….but that might have been a little too much for fish fans…they just don’t roll like we do.

Anyways, I just wanted to pause for a second and pay some thought and recognition to the Keefe family. While I tip my cap to Tony for his service in Iraq and abroad, I also recognize that every great soldier has a strong family supporting them at home. Without that support the job grows exponentially more difficult. It’s that team effort, just like in football, that makes for champions.

My father, a former Marine once told me that “the most honorable thing that a person can do as an American is serve their country”.

The entire Keefe family has honor, they are all Patriots, and everyone back here in Dorchester is proud of them!

Sugar’s fight postponed…


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So the Danny O’Conner fight @ TD Garden has been postponed till January 26th. Danny suffered an injury during training and we wish him a speedy recovery. Till then, our favorite Dot Rat pugilist will have to wait to drop an ass whipping. This is just a minor setback and I’m sure Bill Traft will be ready to go on January 26th. Till then I recommending some study material to Sugar!

The Art of Intimidation



Southie Boy….


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This new documentary directed by Padriac Farma looks good! I have been waiting for something like this to come along.

Here’s a description from his website :

In September of 1974 the doors of South Boston High School opened to the roaring crowd of protestors and media coverage over Federal Judge Arthur Garrity’s decision that Boston had “knowingly carried out a systematic program of segregation.”

Images of Southie residents throwing rocks at school buses containing black students,  and racially charged chants and protest signs gave the community a reputation as one of the most violent and racist neighborhoods in Boston.  Reeling from the turmoil of Boston’s Forced Busing Crisis, Southie became even more isolated, allowing for the surge of drugs and crime in the 1980’s, teen suicides in the 1990’s, and the start of the neighborhood’s gentrification at the beginning of the 21st Century.

As Boston’s Desegregation Era approaches its 40th anniversary, Padriac Farma, a lifelong South Boston resident, details the decline of the neighborhood through three generations of his family.  By sharing their experiences of attending South Boston High School, political and religious abandonment, and receiving a bevy of negative media attention, Farma’s family tells a story that is often overlooked, and rarely captured.

By highlighting the dichotomy of this community, Southie Boy takes a step back from the traditional narrative of Boston’s Busing Era, and asks, “What happens when everything isn’t black and white?”

For more information, contact Padriac Farma:

Show this kid some support people!!